Our founder, and the inspiration for The Iconoclast Dad Bag; his daughter, Elle


We've created a masculine, modernly stylish Dad Bag for the Modern Dad. Finally, a Dad Bag he will want to use long after the diaper phase, even for his own outings. The iconoclast Dad Bag; because childcare isn't just a woman's job #BreakTheMold   


A few years back I was blessed to learn I had became a father to a beautiful little girl. My hunt to find a masculine, functional diaper bag was filled with road blocks and disappointment. Diaper bags were new territory to me, and honestly, something I never quite thought about until then. The majority of bags I came across were either novelty messenger bags, and backpacks that just didn't work due to the structure of the bag itself, or bags geared more towards women, even the "unisex" bags. None of which fit my needs or my personality whatsoever... I also couldn't help but notice that in all the childcare ads women are depicted as the primary day-to-day child caregivers. This to me was not representative of the times, and what today’s dad really is… a Modern Dad.


This is when the light bulb went off! A respectable Dad Bag with masculine style, versatility, and superior functionality for The Modern Dad; an Iconoclastic idea was born. I created a Dad Bag that didn't scream out "I'm a diaper bag" when you see it. A bag that any guy would want to carry on any occasion, for any reason. The Iconoclast Dad Bag is MADE IN THE U.S.A, and designed exclusively to meet any and all needs of The Modern Dad. From its design, to its name, to its message, The Iconoclast Dad Bag is sure to  #BreakTheMold. 





Because childcare isn't just a woman’s job!



We use the #BreakTheMold for the purpose of when a man is using his Iconoclast Dad Bag, thats exactly what he is doing. The mold of men carrying novelty, non-functional, emasculating Dad Bags is now a thing of the past. 

While yes we are a lifestyle, when a man is carrying his Iconoclast Dad Bag he knows and feels that he is a part of something more, and he's right, he's a part of a modern dad movement.



Strong, confident, successful, and nurturing is the definition of what an Iconoclast Modern Dad truly is. They come from all races and walks of life; married, single, stay-at-home parents, and grandparents; They all take pride in being dads. We've had the skills, now we have the tools.